Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bear Bit

Way back when my father had a saying for those recently fallen ill....'he (or she) has been bear bit.' Well, the sucker took a large chunk out of my hide. I am able to move around a little today; hard to stay awake, but for now I'm still alive. I have a mild case of pneumonia.

It hurts to breathe. Just wanted to say hello and I haven't forgotten you. Sorry for the lack of posts.

Never fear, Little Bit is on my case. She just came in with her little plastic doll 'needle' and gave me a shot. She's out of school for the holidays.

I have another doctor's appointment Monday. Perhaps he'll give me another miracle drug and I'll rejoin the land of the living. Please excuse me while I return to my bed sheets.

God bless each of you.



  1. Stephen, buddy, remember this about "bears"

    "Sometimes you get the bear... the bear only gets you once!"

    Take care.

  2. Praying for your comfort and healing!

  3. I think the bear must have wandered over to your place from here, Stephen. Me and the Yeoldfurt got bit earlier this week. We're on the mend, but still have a ways to go. You're in good hands with another doc appt on Monday and Lil Bit to keep you in line until then.

    God bless. Get well soon.
    : )

  4. Get well soon Stephen. Don

  5. Get better soon. Take ALL of the antibiotics.

  6. Sorry you are down Bubba. Hope you feel all better before Christmas.

  7. Get well soon. Miss your blogs.

  8. Feel better!! This is a horrible time to feel under the weather but at least you have good nurses!

  9. Get well soon! Enjoy your adorable little nurse.

  10. Hope the medication works and you feel better soon.

    At least there are antibiotics now. One grandpa had pneumonia before they were invented. He pulled through, but the stress on his body made his hair fall out. When it grew back, it was curly.

  11. Matt, thanks, I wish it were true.

    Rev. Paul, thank you.

    Shar, and thank you too.

    ProudHillbilly, and you, thanks.

    HossBoss, yes indeed, it seems to travel. Thank you for the kind words.

    Don, thank you Sir.

    45er, I am, and thanks.

    A Kitchen Witch, yes she is indeed. Thank you very much...

    Sixbears, thank you very much, and I hope you've recovered fully.

    Duke, ole buddy, I plan on it and thank you. See you Wednesday night @ 1900.

    John, my friend, I'm working on it and will try to post something worthwhile soon. This, is tiring in itself...

    PioneerPreppy, thank you, and I miss my bee reports.

    Lila, thanks, and so very true. Here it is Christmas and I feel like a Dickens character.

    Spikessib, thank you very much. I truly hope you'll return, hit the follower button, and hang around. Nice people gather here.

    Mrs. S., Thank you dear lady. So, that's where my hair has gone...oh well, always wanted curly hair.

  12. sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well, Stephen.

    your friend,