Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Woosification Of America

It is quite apparent, at least to me, that the vast majority of men in this country are nothing more than a bunch of pussies.

Case in point. Penn State. Here we get the news a football couch (go ahead and get a picture in your mind of a 'football couch') walks into a shower and finds another 'football couch' sodomizing a ten year old child, a boy...then walks away. Get it....he walked away. He then proceeds to 'tell' someone of this crime. He walked away. Jesus wept.

I'm sorry, folks, but if I had been the one to find this 'football couch' I would have walked into that shower and, as God as my witness, I'd have beaten this scum of the earth half to death.

This isn't like me. I don't make idle threats. Guess you can tell I've just finished reading my Sunday morning paper. I read of two different accounts of child abuse. One case where intervention wasn't possible and the Penn State incident where a full grown man walked away.

I've always had my doubts when it comes to followers of ball sports. My doubts are now fully confirmed.

It's time for men in this country to grow a set of balls.



  1. "All that is necessary for evil to prosper...."

    At church we confess both things we have done and things we have left undone. Not beating a pedophile you catch red handed certainly sounds in this category and the type of thing God will not hold us blameless for what we have not done to protect our children.

  2. This whole situation just exemplifies the priorities of people who follow sports, and what is important to them.

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  4. I didn't phrase my comment earlier the way I wanted, so I deleted it. Sometimes I don't type in complete sentences. I don't know what goes on in these peoples minds to prey on the young and innocent. You are right--God must just sit down and cry. If they have any balls they should be cut off!!!!!

  5. Odysseus, well said, and amen. Thank you.

    Rose, I feel the same way...ball sports are not part of my life. Thank you, sweet lady.

    John, you point was well written, no problem. Sweet Wife just told me to drop the 'e' from Woosification...I did as told. I agree with your comment completely. Thank you.

  6. A "man" walked in on the anal rape of a child, looked the coach AND the child in the eye. The coach no doubt was thinking, "I have been caught." The child, without a doubt, was thinking "Help me."

    And he turned and walked away.

    I saw that the players and crowd had a moment of prayer before yesterday's game. I bet they prayed for the football program and the university to survive the scandal. I wonder who prayed for the children.

  7. Stephen,
    I too, am just so sick and tired of those who are the actual witnesses of abuses of another fellow human, and shrug their shoulders and just walk away, taking absolutely NO action.

    I too, would have made him eat the bar of soap and the shower head before dragging and planting his arse in the campus quadrangle with a sign on his forehead, saying, "I am above God and the Law", and one and on his privates,
    saying, "I am a Mutant and I use my fake prowess to take what I want from the innocent"

    I only pray to God, that those that have been victimized can now find some peace in knowing that this sick mans arrogance has now been exposed. Perhaps they will find the strength to be able to visit him in jail and tell him to his face through the bars, just what pain he has caused their lives. I pray they all have God in their lives to heal their injuries, and that they believe in forgiveness, or they will be forever caught in this perverted evil web of


  8. Stephen...Below is a copy of what I have posted to other blogs in regards to this. If I don't say the same thing I will just get madder and madder.

    I would like to know why that young man who witnessed the rape did not tackle that evil (insert whatever name you'd like) and tear him apart. I am a 5'3 woman and I believe I could have caused him serious injury should I have come upon the act.

    These coaches make millions a year all to promote a game that has nothing to do with education. This is one of the reasons college educations is so out of reach for many of our young people who actually want an education.

    This entire thing stinks to high heaven and I hope they all rot in jail (if) when proven guilty.

  9. Yeah, I pretty much would have walked away with a prison sentence had I witnessed that abomination. I swear the lack of involvement from "most" of the peoples in this country is staggering. What is even more astounding are the sick people holding positions of authority.

  10. And the students protest and riot when the university begins getting rid of these enablers. I can't figure that one out either.

    A revulsion to pandering, sodomy and such is a typical Christian value and if you are a man committing violence in defense of a Christian value.... get ready for a hate crime and a prison stay and thats for the older men. The young ones have been indoctrinated by the schools long ago so any thing is acceptable and judgment is at the hands of the state.

  11. Stephen, in regards to my earlier post, I do have to say that there are those of us who watch sports for enjoyment, but are not ruled by nor schedule our lives around them. My DD17 plays basketball, but we got out of AAU basketball and volleyball when we saw how consumed people were. Not to mention the expense. Driving 1 1/2 hours to have their child play on an elite team, like my SIL. It's those folks whose lives have no meaning without their games to watch and live vicariously through. And these Penn state knuckleheads, what is wrong with them? It's got to be mental illness.

  12. Amen Stephen, ANYONE who can witness someone being victimized and not do anything is no different than the person committing the act. Good post my friend.

  13. I won't say too much about this as I don't won't to get off on a tangent on Stephen's blog, but this "turning a blind eye" when we see something wrong is what's wrong with this country today.

    This man ignoring a boy being raped and sodomized is just an extreme example of this problem.

  14. OFF Topic.

    Stephen I just wanted to share this post with you in case you don't see it. I think you will enjoy it.

    John aka PISSED.

  15. I have seen the worst side of humanity in this country. Let me tell you that the boy was fortunate that the second coach did not join in. Far worse abuse goes on, very well organized among many people, and getting far worse than you imagine in your worst nightmares. Ritualistic abuse, even to the point of babies being raped, then sacrificed, is far more common than the MSM reports: they sweep it under the rug. They buy and sell children for it way more than you know, or want to. Cannibalism report cases where even decent LEO never get past the community where they happen. Why? Its part of the religion of those who are in power. Those pushing for a NWO are practitioners at the higher levels. Theirs is a luciferian doctrine. And people wonder why God withdraws His protection and blessing. This country is boned, it just does not know it yet.

  16. Nothing more to add other than shared anger. Another example of the slow sinking of our morals and our country in general.

  17. Stephen, my dear friend, i was sickened to learn of this. and i know exactly what i would have done in this situation. you and i and several others would probably be in jail by now.

    grinning very smugly to ourselves.

    your friend,

  18. i thought the exact same thing... he walked away...

    i don't get it, thank god i don't.

  19. Kris, in answer to your last line, I doubt it. Poor child. Thank you.

    notutopia, well said, and I agree..thank you. Please, come back for another visit.

    Momma Bear, it seems we agree on much, thank you.

    mmasse, we agree again, thank you very much.

    PioneerPreppy, isn't it a fact. I hate to believe it's just a generation gap dividing good and evil.

    Mermaid, thank you dear lady.

    Rose, I understand completely...I even have friends that follow sports...and, I still call them friends. Go figure...

    Duke, 'ole buddy, I knew we'd think alike...thanks.

    Matt, first of all never feel as if you must hold back on my blog, go for it. Secondly, thank you and I agree.

    John, as soon as I finish here I will run over and check out the post...thank you very much.

    Anon, thank you for your thoughts and opinions. Sad state of affairs indeed.

    Rod, I understand and thank you...not much else to add to this sorry story...except some animals just need to be put down.

    kymber, thanks and you understand all too well.

    jambaloney, very true my friend, very true. Thanks.

  20. I am a life long football fan, it's a family thing. My dad played semi-pro, my brothers played, my youngest son played football from the early rec league through college, football was instrumental in helping him become the person he is. It's unfair to typecast players, coaches and fans the way some of the responders have above. What happened at Penn State is a tradgedy, but unfortunately these terible things happen everywhere , the Boy Scouts, schools, churches, etc. Guess I got a little offended, I will stop before I get to carried away!

  21. Shar, sorry if you were offended...not done on purpose. I was making reference to those (usually men) that gravitate towards ball games to be close to younger men or boys. Trust me, they're out there. I find nothing at all wrong with those that follow the sport of ball games for the sole purpose of competitive spirit and gamesmanship. Unless of course it interferes with life. I know men that can't name their congressman or state senate representatives but have the ability to recall a football players IQ and his jock size. Thank you very much for the comment.

  22. I can't comment on this. The coach in the shower was my male genetic donor; the coach that caught him was most of his close friends (including several police officers in the town in which I was born). I can't comment because it's far too close to home, and I am still affected and far too angry for coherence.

    I don't give a damn about the coaches or the college's reputation. I can't give a rat's @$$ about the players--they're adults, and choosing to support the creeps over the victims. I'm praying for the children who've been at the very best damaged, and at worst destroyed.

    Please, God, put those bastards in general population.

  23. HH - i am so sorry that this is so close to home for you. but i second EVERY WORD THAT YOU SAID!

    thank you for saying them!

  24. HH, good for you...I hope the bastards aren't sent to general population too. Thanks.

  25. I hope a big burly man named Butch or Killer sodomizes that coach every night for the rest of his life in jail.

  26. Stephen, I can't jump on the band wagon about ball sports, especially college football, it's my favorite sport and i'd be a hippocrite if I said otherwise. Also I don't believe football had anything to do with this abomination. As for how to deal with the sub human POS that hurt those kids I have to disagree with you as i've found that half measures avail us nothing. Oh, and I can garantee you that when I got to where they sent me I would be walking the main line as a hero. Most convicts have much higher moral standards than the people involved in this attrosity. Don

  27. Madbug, I hope you dream comes true. Thanks.

    Don, Thank you for the comment...and I understand your position on football. Even I have been known to watch and cheer our local NFL team. You are correct, it wasn't football, per say, that was the root cause of this piece of living waste to harm the child.....but the actions of the staff, and the fans lack of respect and having failed to mention the child during the program this weekend, well, it didn't help my feelings towards the game. Again, thank you very much for the comment.

  28. i love the title of this post, sadly i don't think it's america's problem but a world wide one, men and women are increasingly becoming such wusses ... who doesnt stand up for a child???? after i read about this i kept thinking and wondering what could he have been thinking or feeling that made it okay for him to walk away??? what would make me walk away and not lift a finger not just for a child but for any defenseless person or animal???? i can't think of anything ... there are still good people out there but just not enough, this is sad