Monday, November 21, 2011

The Weekend

For once all group members were in attendance, even Pirate Jim, our medic. It sure was nice to have him back.

I'll make this short and sweet and give over a few boring pictures. We're dead set on the completion of our 'Boar's Nest.' Saturday we purchased 1/2" OSB to finish the ceiling. Used screws to secure it.

ShooterSteve finished his 12 volt wiring runs. Soon we'll install the fixtures and with the wire supplied by our good friend and aux member MDR at a very good price, we'll run power to the Nest.

Here's MDR's wire on site. The silver stuff is tape, and yes, it's a pain to remove but at least the wire, some very expensive stuff, arrived in fine condition. Thanks, Bubba.

We had to clear out some work space. Piled it all out on the deck.

Power, supplied by ShooterSteve.

 Above, our medic, Jim and Senior Chief supervising labor.

ShooterSteve running wire.

Above, progress.

Almost finished with the ceiling.

This is my good friend, Duke, striking his John Wayne pose in the doorway.

Just a general shot of the kitchen area.

We had a good time. It was hard work, and sadly, we didn't burn a single grain of gunpowder. But, like I said, we really want to finish the Boar's Nest.

Hey, 'ya'll come back now, 'ya hear....



  1. Good thing on finishing up the place. I think time is starting to run short.

  2. Matt, me too. I told the guys this weekend if we make it through 2012 it'll be a miracle. Thanks.

  3. I've been having the same thoughts. I told my wife this weekend that I am looking forward to the holiday season this year, cause 2012 is really looking scary right now. Thanks, Stephen.

  4. i am glad that you all are getting the "nest" ready. good job to all of you!

    your friend,

  5. Matt, good point. This might well be the last peaceful holiday season we have in a great while, and one we can afford.

    kymber, me too...thanks, Sweet Lady.

  6. Outstanding work Gentleman!!!

  7. Good work, When am I going to be able to move in. First I need to find a place for the wife to go.

    Sorry about the tape buddy but I did not want it to get damaged.

  8. Rob,'s been hard work.

    MDR, no sweat.

  9. Oh, MDR, you may move in whenever you are ready...

  10. What are you doing with 12 volts? Or is that a typo?

    In this day of very efficient 12 VDC - 120VAC inverters, I'd seriously consider one of those.

    power systems guy