Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank You & Welcome

To my new follower, Herbalpagan. I promise to always reply to your comments. You've just made my day.

My new friend has a blog here. Please, run over and give her a warm hello.

You are now among friends. Again, thank you and welcome.



  1. One more follower for Stephen then we have a party.

  2. I'm mute on the party might get carried away...kymber and mudbug all drunk and stuff.

    If I'd not had a couple drop off I'd be over one hundred by now. I remember when I'd of been pleased with fifty by Christmas. No complaints here.

  3. It's funny how people come and go. I had one drop off and couldn't figure out who or why and then 4 more pop on. It's all good; I started my blog as a journal and it's taken on a life of it's own I think sometimes. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  4. Herbalpagan, I do understand. I began this blog as a means for my grandchildren to know their Papa when 'that' day arrives...and, it remains so. Having said that, it's grown to have a life of its on. I believe it best the way, it show them in words and pictures the man I am. Again, thank you. Please, hand around, nice group of people hang here.

  5. I truly need to take my time and edit my replies. Corrections to above...'I believe it best 'this' way.
    'it show's them.'
    and, Please, hang around....

  6. welcome Herbalpagan - she is a buddy of mine from the APN - and she's awesome!

    Stephen, my dear friend, i promise to be on my best behaviour at the party. don't let me have more than 2 glasses of wine. i will keep mudbug on a short lease. i promise!

    your friend,

  7. woops - i should follow your lead and learn to edit - that should say:

    "i will keep mudbug on a short LEASH"...oops, my bad.