Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's been a quiet morning. Sweet Wife and I took our morning walk and afterwards I gave my feet a few minutes of rest and then began my annual post Thanksgiving turkey soup.

It's a simple soup of our leftover Thanksgiving turkey, fresh herbs and vegetables. I begin by sauteing onions in butter and olive oil until they're caramelized. As the onions saute I remove the turkey meat from the bone. I remove all skin and connective tissue. With a nice pile of meat standing by I add minced garlic (not the crap in the bottle or pre-minced please) allow the garlic to simmer a bit then add the turkey.
Like I said, simple. Other than canned tomatoes I use fresh vegetables; little red potatoes, mushrooms, corn, and baby Lima beans. I prefer chicken stock. Since I used all my nice homemade turkey stock during Thursday's dinner I went with boxed chicken stock for this soup. Use whatever works for you but I believe water a poor choice. You want favor after all. Now, salt and pepper, just go easy on the spices at this stage.

My herbs are simple fresh thyme and sage. I mean come on, it's turkey. Since I love my food a bit on the spicy side I add Creole seasoning. Just don't get too carried away with it. Season lightly at the beginning, you can always adjust later.

Measures and amounts of ingredients should be adjusted to the number of meals and or people you're cooking for, of course.  

I'm sure each and everyone of  us has their favorite post Thanksgiving turkey recipe, I offer mine for the simple reason I need a post today....I'm tired and just can't get my mind in gear. Please, remind me to take next year's Thanksgiving week off.

Above, the onions are ready for caramelizing.

De-bone time.

Just a prep picture.

Construction under way. After I've all the ingredients in the pot I bring it to a boil, then place my pot on a simmer plate (I use gas) then reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for hours....the longer the better in my humble opinion.

The soup is happy now, and how I love the way it perfumes the house.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading.



  1. I'm making a cloned Wendy's chili on my fireplace, but your pictures look better.

  2. I have a scaled down but very similar soup simmering on my stove, Stephen. Our 'turkey' this year was a roasting chicken since it was just the two of us. But that bird fed the two of us for two meals so far and will now provide soup for at least two more. I chopped fresh celery and onions, but I also rehydrated a cup of carrots from our stash for a bit of color.

    We had a norther blow in last night. It won't make 60 degrees today and there's a light freeze predicted for tonight. But the soup and a couple of slices of homemade pepper bread toasted with a little Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top'll be a perfect light supper on this first cold day.

  3. HossBoss,

    I'll trade you. High of 41 today, low last night of 3.

    Making all my soups and chilis now so we can reheat every night.

    It's only getting colder.

  4. Colder indeed Mudbug. Not suppose to climb out of the 40's this week here. Burrrrrrrrr

    I hate winter, but that soup looks mighty tasty!!!

  5. Since it's my first time trying BBQ turkey I'm doing it today to get the timing down for the future. So I'll have a lot to freeze and share if it turns out okay. Then I'll make stock with the bones and freeze. I'm going to do a Turkey chilli with white northern beans and tomitillos.

  6. Thanks, Mudbug, but no trade here. Yeoldfurt would trade you ...he loves the cold. I'm the smurf in the house. I turn blue when the mercury drops below 75.

    : )

  7. I purchased a turkey for the specific purpose of cooking it and canning it. A 21 lb turkey makes 14 quarts of broth and turky all put away for future meals. First I cook the turkey and when its done I let it cool over night. The next day I remove all the meat putting bones and skin etc. into the stock pot with 12 quarts of water. I also put onions, celery carrots and garlic in the broth. I simmer the stock for 3-4 hours then strain it through cheese cloth. I put it back into the stock pot with enough water to bring it to 12-14 quarts. Then we place the turkey meat into 14 quart canning jars and top the jars off with the broth. 90 minutes in the pressure cooker at 10 lbs pressure and we have 14 beautiful jars full of turkey meat and a tasty amber colored broth.
    The best part is the 21 lb turket cost less then $4 because we bought it on sale if you purchase $50 or more of groceries

  8. Mudbug, old friend, it's good to have you back. Did you make it to the bayou for Thanksgiving? Bet the chili is good, pictures or not.

    HossBoss, chicken works for me too. Almost went Cornish Hens since it was just the three of us. I made yeast rolls for my soup this evening. Very windy here but warm. Our weather is expected to change this week, cooler, which is fine with me.

    PioneerPreppy, thanks, and the soup was good.

    Adventures, I bet the BBQ turkey turns out well and the chili sounds great. I've never worked with tomitillios before. Need to I suppose, and thanks.

    Anon, seems you've a plan and great idea. I make freeze quite a bit of stock. I seldom allow shrimp and crab shells go to waste. I freeze tons of it. Thanks, and hey, come on back around.

  9. I'll be doing mine some time in the next week. I do love good turkey soup. I have a big stock pot with an insert and I'll probably start by boiling down the turkey carcass (sans as much meat as I can get) in a stock. You should try those new condensed chicken stock in the little plastic containers. I used some to make a quick gravy yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised at how rich the flavor is. Much better than the canned or boxed stuff. You can also regulate how strong you want the stock. I'm a fan.

  10. I'm darn pleased on doing BBQ. Still needs a few tweaks, but not bad for a start.

  11. John, thanks. It taste good too.

    45er, glad you mentioned the condensed stock packets. I've seen them advertised and had a tickle in my mind of trying a few packs. I've used over the years, many of the little jarred varieties of condensed stock to which you just add water. It's okay but nothing special.

    Adventures, happy the BBQ worked well for you. Keep at it. Thanks.

  12. That looks goooood! Can't wait for Christmas so I can get my hands on turkey left overs.

  13. Looks good, Hope you had a good weekend. I got back late last night.

  14. Basic, Christmas dinner for me will be ham...sweet, sweet, ham...

    Duke, glad you're back safe and sound. See you later.

  15. Stephen - the soup looks awesome! i froze all of the wings and legs, carcass, etc. and will be making my soup next week. we like to add cream and wild rice to ours, but otherwise, our soups are very similar. i love turkey soup!

    your friend,

  16. kymber, thank you. I think the addition of cream and rice a smart idea...gotta try it.