Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Cure

I like his idea. Send some those poor snowflakes on Wall Street into the wilderness for a few days and I bet you'd see a change in their attitudes.



  1. I think he summed up my feeling exactly. I've spent time in the woods. It's miserable. I'm always grateful for those that do the hard stuff. I do the hard stuff somedays. All without an Ipod or Prius.

    Best video ever, Stephen.

  2. If only we could drop em in the wilderness for those few days every year.

  3. I like this guy. I feel similar to what he is saying.

    My Husband is so confused by these protesters. He has a M.D. Yet is a motorcycle mechanic. When he was laid off 3 years ago, he found work in another field until something in his came available. I was homeless as a teen, and I picked myself up, got a crude job(that no one else wanted) so I could eat, and sleep under a roof at night.

    I was watching a live stream by one of the OWieS the other day, he was talking about unfair life, then he told his friend to grab him an espresso. One of the more expensive coffees. Sigh. . .

    I will be happy to host a couple of them. They have to work to eat though. It is butchering season here.

  4. Wow, finally someone who tells it like it is! I am going to share this! Thanks!

  5. Not only that but those poor starving bears, wolves, and cougars could get a good organic free-range if not entirely hygienic meal.

  6. LOL Ody... How many times have I said we need to re-introduce some top tier predators back into the woods around my location. There are so many stupid people out there that really need to be eaten by a bear.

  7. just remember that some of those idiots have Masters Degrees in the "comparative analysis of the aesthetics of toilet bowl design in the 13th century"???? and owe $70,000 grand for student loans. and have no idea what they are protesting?!?!!? and are drinking espressos.


    sorry about that Stephen. sometimes i lose it.

    your friend,

    (p.s. - PioneerP - we got some extra bobcats and brown bears up here. we could ship some down. you gotta pay the freight tho)

  8. Stephen, PioneerP - jambaloney says "bring back the velociraptor"...anyone know how to do any DNA-replicating? jam's got a fossil!

  9. Send them up to Alaska, no sun from almost 4 months. They will go crazy or the Alaskans will kill them all. Sorry Alaska maybe they will learn.

  10. I always like Bill's political essays. I wonder why he hasn't run for Congress, but it's probably because he has so much common sense.

  11. Good video, he is right. Too bad it's illegal to shoot stupid people.

  12. Thanks for finding that. I think I'll "borrow" it, with credit, of course!

  13. I'll try this a second time. I've relied once to all your kind comments but my computer or the net spit them all right back at me and didn't even give me a kiss.

    Mudbug, thank you it was indeed a good video...

    PioneerPreppy, indeed. And here I go out of my way to get back to the woods. Thanks.

    Phelan, agreed. A few weeks each year on a real farm would sure adjust their out look on life.

    Shar, thank you.

    Odysseus, even critters need a meal...thanks.

    kymber, I agree very much indeed. Thanks.

    kymber, it's above my pay grade but give it a try.

    Rob, and spoil such beauty...nah, send 'em to Maine.

    mmasse, he's too intelligent to get mixed up in that mess we call Washington. Thanks.

    Duke, isn't it a fact. I would fill my 'stupid tag' within a hour of waking each day.

    drjim, of course...thanks.

    ProudHillbilly, thank you Sir.