Monday, November 14, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Where to's been a long and rather peaceful weekend with minor injections of activity thrown in here and there. Little Bit came to stay with Papa last Thursday night. She stayed through Saturday afternoon. Her Nana left Friday to drive out of state to attend to Nana's mother, so Little Bit took care of Papa over the weekend.

Veteran's Day was nice. (Note, here Little Bit has instructed me to explain to you she's 'making' me tell you, her fans, exactly 'how it was.')

Little Bit had a burning desire to watch the movie 'Puss n' Boots. She instructed me on my dress, no red shirts, and exactly how to brush my hair (she finally climbed onto the vanity and took brush in hand) and after passing inspection we loaded up and took off for lunch and a movie.

We drove across the river to a local Cracker Barrel. A neat restaurant that features country food and decorated with antiques that hang from almost every available surface. Once we were inside our senses were assaulted with Christmas decorations stacked and blocking the aisles....just a bit early in my estimation. Anyway, we finally get a table and order our meals. I opted for their classic bacon cheeseburger while Little Bit wanted mac n' cheese. My burger arrives. Little Bit looks at me and said, "Papa, don't eat the bacon."


"Because, Papa, it'll make you sick and if you gets sick I'll be all lonely and Nana will cry and then you'll go to the hospital and get shots and stuff and I don't want to be all alone and then who will I play with..."

I gently remove my bacon, tears filled eyes on my part over the loss of meat candy, shove it aside and eat my plain old burger. I waited for any opportunity to present itself to sneak it back into my meal....but no. She reaches over and takes my bacon. Just took it, and then proceeds to eat it.

"Little Bit."

"What, Papa."

"You just ate Papa's bacon. Why did you eat Papa's bacon?"

"Because I'm young and you're not and it won't hurt me. May I have a french fry."

At one point I had to escort her to the rest room. Next to the restroom were a couple of water fountains and hung next to the fountain was an old page taken from a long ago outdoors magazine. Now, I ask you, do you think any business in the Northeastern United States would dare decorate a wall with this old ad...

I gave deep thought and consideration in means of removal. I mean I love it and know it'd look good on my shops wall. I at least have an idea now. I still have many old magazines with ads similar to this one, slap it in a frame, and well, you know.

Here's another blurry picture of Little Bit and the Kleanbore picture.

She said she doesn't like this picture but here it is none the less....sorry for her messy hair, we had high winds and Papa's not very good with a brush.

After lunch we had a hour or so to kill. Went and purchased our movie tickets, afterwards I asked her what we should do to pass the time. I wanted to take in the Gander Mountain (sporting goods) next door. She said, let's walk.

We did. So outside and across the parking lot we went, she scouted good penny picking ground along the way, found two. She held my hand and pulled me towards a lake next to and behind Gander Mountain. Here, we have lakes and ponds by the thousands.

She sang and skipped and stalked ducks. It was a nice cool day with just a bit of wind.

I was able to convince her to take Papa to Gander. She said I could only stay for ten minutes. She said, Papa, you have enough 'ammunitions.'

She has a point.

Above, taken this morning. If you've ever, and I know you haven't, wondered what color of eyes I have, take a good look at her. We had a great weekend.

Change of subject. My good friend, John, took a trip to North Georgia this weekend and came through for me on flint.

These are two beautiful examples of Georgia pink flint.

Each are about two inches long and should help me in the knuckle busting department.

Oh, forgot one minor detail while in the movie. It was quiet, I mean quiet in the theater prior to the start of the movie. I'd purchased Little Bit the smallest Coke on the was about half a gallon. That along with her chips and a bottle of water for me, another half gallon size (only size available, kid you not) came to $26.00. Tickets cost me $17.00, senior and child the math. Anyway, after we're seated she begins to suck down the Coke. I leaned over and said, in barely audible whisper, "Honey, don't drink so much or pretty soon you need to go 'peepee.' We were the only couple in our section of the room, way up top, where I like it. She jerks away from me, looks up with little tears in her eyes and moves away.

I asked, "What's wrong?"

She leans back towards me and said, "Oh, Papa." In a soft hurt whisper. "You've embarrassed me, now I want to go home." She begins to cry in earnest.

It took me a good ten minutes to calm her down and assure her our conversation had been private and not overheard. Took her into my arms and kissed and loved her and, thank God, she was back to normal in time for the movie.

Later, on the ride home she again addressed the issue of Papa's infraction.

I promised I'd never say, 'peepee' in public again. Here she is on the ride home. She'd taken my right arm wrapped her arms around it and placed it on the seat and used a truck blanket as a pillow. She passed out within minutes. Ever driven twenty five miles through city traffic with only your left hand...

Enough. I won't go into detail about Sweet Wife's return home and how she wrangled me into Christmas shopping yesterday....needless to say we punched a hole in our list. And, spent far more cash than we should have. Grandchildren you know.



  1. Little Bit has Papa wrapped around Little finger...:-)

  2. What a doll....

    Thanks for posting all this. It helps to brighten things.

  3. Thanks for brightening my day. And as for driving through city traffic, left handed. No problem. I'm left handed. lol.

  4. Dear friend - what a great weekend you had - minus the bacon, of course! John is a good friend - those flintstones are gorgeous. so is Lil Bit!

    can't wait to hear of the shopping adventures. brrrrr. a shiver just went through me. i hate shopping!

    your friend,

  5. ProudHillbilly, yes she does and I love her for it...thank you.

    Matt, you are more than welcome and thank you for reading it.

    MDR, it will come and when they arrive you look back and say, 'Ah, now I get it.'

    Flier389, you are welcome, kind sir. My right arm was numb when I arrived home.

    kymber, thank you, Dear Lady.

  6. Fantastic story. I loved the bit where she stole your bacon and posed it as a concern for your health. Better keep an eye on her, next it will be your truck. Do we need to send you some tactical bacon to make up for it? I am still smiling from that.

  7. I love these posts. If I'm lucky, someday #1 Son and #2 Son will have their own Little Bit for me to take to movies.

  8. mmasse, thanks. I've a case of tactical bacon hidden away in my pantry. If she finds the case she'll open every can in it. She's smooth for sure.

    Borepatch, thank you kind Sir. One of these those sons of your will produce a grandchild for you, and it will change your life indeed. I highly recommend pressure where due. I love my grandson, but that little girl is my heart.

  9. Excuse me, meant 'one of these days.'

  10. I love the Cracker Barrel. But I start to look at the stuff on the wall and think "I could use that at the house."

    It's sad that one has to take out a home loan to afford to go to the movies now-a-days.

  11. I look forward to one of my boys having a daughter. Sounds like you two had a wonderful weekend.

  12. She said, Papa, you have enough 'ammunitions.'

    Just tell her that she's just getting cuter and the cuter she gets the more ammunitions papa needs for when she gets older.

    I've been having to access my own ammunitions requirement for my not quite year old daughter.

  13. Mudbug I do much the same. I find my remembering items for use if and when that day ever arrives...

    Phelan, trust me, it'll be a wonderful day when your little arrives, and thank you, we did have a nice day.

    Warlock, he has indeed. I'm not very good at thanking him for it. I shall correct my oversight. Thank you.

    Odysseus, I pick her up from school each Monday and when her father gets off work he drives over and takes her home. She's sitting here now and I've just read her your nice comment. She said, thank you and Papa please don't tell everyone I just had a bath. So I won't tell everyone she just she's spotless and smells nice. She also said I can keep all my ammunitions, she only wants her little box of .22's.

  14. Another fine post. I have not been to see a movie in 5 years. We wait until they come out on DVD to rent. If its good then we may buy.

  15. Rob, thank you. I seldom attend movies for the simple reason of cost and comfort.

  16. Such an awesome kid. Smart on the bacon angle. She's growing up, too. I dread the conversation you had when you can't use the kid words anymore.

  17. 45er, me too. She's already reading far ahead of her grade level. I'm quite pleased with her private school. Worth every dime. Thank you very much.