Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Quiet and Cool

Good morning, my's early, the sun isn't even awake, my coffee is brewing and it's 48 degrees outside....I want to return to my warm bed.

This mini-depression requires otherwise.




  1. Same here this morning. 49 degrees. Thursday morning was 24. Hate it!!!!

  2. John, good morning to you...funny, cool weather. Some love it and others loath it. I am of the former. Guess since I live in a normal hot and humid climate I find it refreshing. Tang of burning oak brings out the best in me. My friend I too wish you a nice peaceful weekend.

  3. 18 this morning.

    Because I care, I am sending you a cold front next week. We're supposed to have single digit lows and and high of 40.

    BTW, one goat birthed yesterday. Two babies, but one was DOA. So we have one boy. Blakenstein. Named by our 4 year old nephew.

    Have a good weekend, and if you are so inclined, pull for those #1 ranked LSU Tigers as we whoop the Auburn Kitty Kats.

  4. Gentlemen, you make me long for the north woods back home. Our family so loves the smell of a good camp fire. It is my prayer that everyone has a safe and productive weekend.

  5. Mudbug, we like cold fronts...send it along. Good for you on the goats. You know, when they're young like that, all tender and they'd make great BBQ.
    You have a great weekend too.

    Rob, walk outside and gather a few downed limbs and build a fire...kick back with a cup of coffee and relax. Screw the neighbors.

  6. We won't get above the mid-40s today; it's 33 right now. Gotta get going with my daughters to sight in our new, matching rifles (yeah, I'm grinning & bragging). With luck, it'll be above freezing down there at the waterfront range.

  7. october is october...the cool mornings are part of of the cycle.
    personally i love bracing mornings, i do have lots of sweaters.

    we are lucky here as the ocean makes the falls more temperate, mornings are cool, but not biting (yet), temps are low 6 celcius (43 f) and the highs are still about 12-15 celcius
    (53-59 f).

    the darkness bugs me more, shorter days make it harder to get motivated. coffee helps, so does feeding the birds.

    hang in the Stephen, enjoy the coffee, spring is around the corner ;-)

  8. Rev. Paul, I understand, brag away. I envy you your weather...shoot, it'll be 80 here within a few days...too darn hot.

    jambaloney, oh don't worry, I wasn't complaining, just the opposite, I love cold weather. I can understand the darkness issue. I still remember living in the Northern hemisphere and how darkness moved in around 1600 each day.
    Thanks, and coffee is brewing.

  9. All right you all. Now I've got the bug. So, Monday, I will be heading up to the hills, here in Colorado. A friend of mine is a lucky dog. And has like 160 acres. Old mining claim, so am taking my pans and digging tools, along with my metal detector. Just for the fun of it.
    Weather man said we might get some snow on Tuesday or Wednesday.So, I'll drag out the old faded union suit of mine just in case.

    You all enjoy whats left of your weekend.