Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From The Beginning

I guessed her age at about nine, maybe ten, khaki pants with a white shirt, short hair slightly windblown. The bus had just pulled away.

My shop is located on a very busy street across from a large city park. Her school bus stops on the corner.

My last customer had just walked out the door when I saw her walk to the corner and slump against the chain link fence.

Thirty minutes later she was still there. I know why it bugged me. She isn't much older than my granddaughter, and my little one is my heart.

So, I stood guard, walked outside. I conceal carry. She was safe.

Every few minutes she would stand and walk to the edge of the street and glance first one way then the other. Hoping, waiting. She, at least to me, appeared worried.

I have a bench in front of my shop. I tried to appear like an older man just taking a nap, when all I really wanted to do was walk over and give her a hug and tell her it was fine and I was sure mom or dad would be there soon,  but you and I both know I couldn't do that.

Forty two minutes later she was crying when the dusty gray car turned in and she climbed in the back.

At least for a while she had been under my personal protection.

Some parents are just assholes.

(Note: re-posted as requested)



  1. To many cruel people out there. Just breaks your heart.

  2. Good for you!!! A fine post my friend.

    It is so troubling that an honest shepherd has to actually hide the fact that he is watching and protecting. Very sad.

  3. Actually, some parents don't have the right to be parents. Thank you for caring and sharing :)

  4. I didn't realize that day, when I first read this and thanked you for watching out for an innocent, that this was actually your first blog post. Guess I'm not a new follower after all! Once again, God Bless you for caring!

  5. Good on you Stephen, I do believe that most of us have that spot in our hearts to do something like you did. It's nice and reassuring when you see your fellow persons step up to the plate for others. :) I'm sure you will be rewarded in some way that you least expect :)


  6. This post spoke to me, and coincidentally was the first time I visited your blog. I've been enjoying it ever since. Thanks for sharing your private space with us, and say hi to Little Bit from Arizona.

  7. I can't believe that was your first post. It is always nice to remind us that protecting innocents is important in life, regardless of if we are thanked.

  8. PioneerPreppy, thank you very much...

    Dani, thank you and you are so very correct.

    Shar, thank you and yes it was the first. At the time I didn't understand the audience was so large 'out there' and just slapped it up to learn blogger's word processor. I was a very angry man that day.

    PISSED, thank you for the kind comment.

    Anon, thank you and I'll be sure to tell Little Bit hello from you out in Arizona..please come back and say hello once in a while.

    Mudbug, thank you and yes it was and I hope not the last.

  9. "but you and I both know I couldn't do that"

    The language I'd naturally use to react to the knowledge of why this is true would not be suitable on a family blog.

    It says some pretty terrible things about our world that you couldn't.

    But on behalf of decent people everywhere, thank you for continuing to be one of us. :)

  10. This was the first entry that I read as well. It was so well written. I had no Idea it was your first entry.

    Southern Gal

  11. Once a Guardian Angel, Always a Guardian Angel. Like the others Thanks for caring. If we every meet I owe a drink for just being a caring person.

  12. Matt, isn't it though...thanks.

    Southern Gal, shucks, thank you very much, Sweet Lady.

    Rob, I truly didn't think of myself as such that day. I was purely pissed at the parents, hence the post. The mere fact parents forgot their child just blew me away.

    drjim, thank you...

  13. Dear friend - it was this post that first lead me to you. Patrice posted about it on her blog. and i came over and i made a dear friend. and then you lead me to other dear friends. and for that i am very thankful!

    i could re-read this post once of week. or several times a week - as can most of us. i find this post just reveals your character so well. and it is a character that so many of us respect and admire and wish to emulate.

    hats off to Pioneer Preppy for calling a spade a spade - he called you "an honest shepherd". and that is what you are. plus yer a pretty awesome Papa as well.

    your friend,