Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day of Rest

Coffee, newspaper, peace. Isn't it nice. I look forward to a day of true rest; perhaps a novel with soft music in the background. 

I've read a few blogs this morning and all seems fine with my friends. My friend in Texas is hard at work on his outdoor shower, Duke is with family in Ocala, my sweet red haired friend out on the west cost has quit smoking, others continue to watch the news and destruction of our world. To you I extend my blessings. Rambling here....

Until later...God bless.



  1. First time in years I rolled out of bed at the crack of 10:30. So behind, but it seems to be a nice day to sit back and enjoy life.

    Pot of coffee is percolating on the fireplace if you care to stop by, Stephen.

  2. Mudbug, wish I could drop by for a cup of coffee and a chat. Quiet here, reading while my soup simmers. Wife is about to begin whipping out a cake. Today life is good. Thanks.

  3. Taking it easy today here also, trying to stay away from the negative stuff as much as possible.... Can't seem to ever completely get away from it anymore.

  4. I have to work weekends which stinks. Seems like i don't get a day of rest unless I'm sick.
    Hmmm....I think i'll be sick tommorrow.

  5. I hope you got to enjoy the day. I drove home from The White Mountains in New Hampshire and got to see some nice foliage changing for the fall.

  6. Seems like today is lazy day all around. Here at my home too. I have been re-watching "Jericho" on Netflix. Have a good week.

  7. Matt, I understand how you feel. Seems the negatives far outweigh the positive lately. Thanks.

    Corey, that's a shame. I work six days a week, of course being self-employed my boss is kind of a butthole and doesn't allow me sick days. Thanks.

    PISSED, bet it was a nice trip. I haven't seen the White Mountains in at least 30 years. The day was nice and restful, hope to repeat it next week. Have a good evening, and thanks for the comment.

    Rob, nice, isn't it. I'm waiting for the second season of the zombie show tonight at ten on AMC. Thanks...

  8. Glad you had a quiet day!

    Day of rest, I should have done that, but we came home from taking care of the in-laws last week, only to find out that my mom has been avoiding going to the doctor about her bad hip because "sob-sob" she "doesn't have anyplace to stay after hip replacement surgery." Of course she was saying this to everybody but me. By the end of tomorrow, the downstairs bedroom will be ready for her to occupy when it is needed. Still working on the bathroom remodel, but a commode will work in a pinch. By the time she schedules anything, the bathroom will probably be serviceable too.

    Being so busy, I haven't had time to linger on the news.

  9. Stephen, The older I get the more I enjoy those days, I can't understand young people who have to have an Ipod or phone, or computer or Black Berry or watch TV or movies every waking min of the day.

  10. i sure hope you had a wonderful, relaxing day - there is nothing better for the soul!

    saturday we cooked chili all day for a potluck supper held in our village - then went and set up the community hall and then served the dinner. and cleaned up afterwards. today at 9am we all met up at the fire hall, replaced 5 windows, put in a new door and started on the siding but it began to rain. we will meet up again tomorrow and hopefully finish it.

    then wednesday, thursday and friday we can work on the Manor. in our own time and at our own pace. in our birthday suits. we love when we have a couple of days without any events. and we love when we can kick back at any time of the day, get a book each or share one, make some good food, have a nap....just relax. we love that!

    i hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your day, Stephen!

    your friend,

  11. Mrs. S., nice to hear from you and yes I had a fine quiet day...very rare. Sorry to hear about your mother, but we must take care of them. Lost mine when she was 44 to cancer.

    Duke, as they used to say, right on. Thanks.

    Jamie, thank you.

    kymber, thank you, Sweet Lady, I do love chili.