Thursday, October 13, 2011

Borepatch on Romney

I once posted Mitt Romney is nothing but a paler shade of Obama. I stand by my statement. Seems Borepatch agrees. He's written a nice little post on Romney...


He's a fully paid-up member of the political elite.  As such, his mental view of the world is self-limited by what is "proper" for a fully paid up member of the elite to believe.  He thinks that a ban on scary black plastic firearms actually will bring the murder rate down. 

Go forth and read.



  1. I agree with his sentiments. Taking a look at the whole field we are stuck with Romney who is a closet gun hater, Perry who likes illegals over his own US citizens, Huntsman who is another RINO, Cain who was a DEM and now a REP, and Ron Paul/Bachman who both can be off of the reservation at times. All of the except Paul have not declared any pro gun statements. Blech, I really wished Palin would have run this time.

  2. Combine that with being the person who put through Obamacare's beta-test and his nomination would put me into third partyvile, and to hell with the consequences. At least the destruction of the country wont have my vote either way.

  3. I think the best option is a 'Tea Party' candidate running on the Rep ticket. I really don't believe we will survive four more years of what we have.

  4. mmasse, I hope we are not 'stuck' with Romney, he's a liberal posing as a conservative. Now, having said that, I'm ready to vote for a yellow dog over any democrat. Thanks.

    Odysseus, Agree.

    Duke, ditto. We need someone...Herman Cain has gained my attention. Very intelligent man.