Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Has written a most fine article this morning. Go forth and read.

Good Thing Most People Are Still Asleep

Sixbears has a fine blog and it should be a daily read anyway, so there.
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  1. Good article. The whole problem originates from our government paying farmers not to grow crops. I know in Idaho we have a very strong Co-op and it pleases me to no end I know where I am getting my fresh veggies from. I hope that more communities get behind local food initiatives if nothing else to stockpile in case of bad times.

  2. mmasse, I agree very much, Sir. I can't find a decent co-op here to save my soul. I've been bugging my city council to open a farmer's market near here for some time now...hard to do. Our large farmer's market is across the river and through the trees and grandmother's house is far beyond.

  3. mmasse - we have several very good food co-ops here on our island - all of it grown on the island! we are incredibly fortunate! we rushed to get a full-blown garden in this year at our new place and it has been a full-blown disaster! most of the small time gardeners in this particular area have had the same experience. thank goodness for the west and south side of the island where farmers have had
    much better success. so we are still getting fresh, local produce - just not as much as usual!

    my friend Stephen - that was an excellent article and i have linked sixbears to our blogroll. thanks for always tipping us off to good reads Stephen!

    your friend,

  4. Kymber, thanks, and you're very welcome.

    Spud, yes he is...