Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Times Have Changed

Oh, how the times have changed. Can you imagine children today at play with handguns during recess in our current silly politically correct society.



  1. We always played Army when I was a kid. My kids did too. They even found BDU's. I don't think too many other kids play Army now days.

  2. Where was this picture taken? Their local moonbat coalition needs to have a "guns for toys" drive to keep kids like this from destroying the self esteem of the kids that didn't win.

    Shouldn't these kids be at a soccer game, where their parents get into fights over who's kid should get more play time?

    Oh, wait, these are normal people. Never mind.

  3. Growing up in the '50s and '60s, I read Superman and Batman comics, but I wanted to be Sgt. Rock from Easy Company.

  4. Good thing that one kid is short or he would get his wig split by his buddy.

    I grew up running around in what seemed like endless acres of woods and never would see anyone else. It's not like anyone would be on our property, everyone thought we had land mines and booby traps set all over. It wouldn't surprise me if I covered 10 miles a night/day when I was running around playing with my bb gun or machette or whatever.

    I can't even imagine the kid of today buying a toy gun, just seems so out of place the way society has shifted.

  5. We'd play army with toy guns and when we didn't have toy guns, we'd still play army. I also was a humongous Lone Ranger fan and had a pair of cap pistols (the paper roll cap kind) that were silver with bone handles. They were my pride and joy.

  6. We rode our bikes without helmets, swam without floaties and played soccer and sandlot baseball without all the pads and safety gear too. It's a wonder we made it to adulthood, huh?

    No, more like it's a wonder kids nowadays have any fun at all. No wonder they gravitate to video games. We made all the REAL games no fun with all the safety gadgets and regulations!

  7. We used to go school with knives in our pockets, it fact the teacher might even ask if anyone had a pocket knife to cut something. Now days this would never happen.

  8. Rob, so did we as children. Thank you.

    Mudbug, funny as always, thank you.

    Rev. Paul, you and I grew up in the same era. I still miss Mighty Mouse.

    Max, thank you for the comment. It isn't out of place, in my humble opinion, for a child of today to play with a gun. It's out of place for our government and society brain washing parents into believing it isn't proper and normal for children to enjoy themselves in fantasy while at play with a cap pistol or air rifle.

    45er, I miss my old set of Long Ranger cap pistols. My Diasy air rifle, and my youth. Thank you, kind Sir.

    HossBoss, very true. We have taken the concept of 'safe' way too far. Thank you, sweet lady.

    Duke, my good friend, fact. All of us, back when America was still America, had a pocket knife in our jeans. Even in high school a rifle or shotgun in our back truck window was normal. I even had an Ag teacher walk over and admire my Winchester one afternoon. Oh, what we have lost. Thanks, Bubba.

  9. Correction to 45er, excuse me, typing too fast. It should read, Lone Ranger....jeese....

  10. I was the first kid on my block to get a Johnny 7 OMA. That's right, A GIRL possessed the most awesome toy gun EVER! Yes, I was the envy of the neighborhood boys!
    I raised my kids during the 70s, 80s and a bit of the 90s and 00s. My boys had toy girls had toy guns.
    My first grandson will get as a gift when he turns 3 years old, a cap gun and holster set I had when I was little. Hopalong Cassidy, of course!

  11. oh Lamb... you rock girl! you would have soo been the enby of my neighbourhood too!!!

    Stephen - what blows my mind is that people think it is perfectly acceptable for little children to have x-boxes and those other crazy devices and play games like first person shooter --- but for a child to play "cowboys and indians" with little plastic guns is horribly bad?!?!?! wth?

    we played all kinds of violent games when we were growing up - and we played all day. we were gone from breakfast to supper and no one had a cellphone or blackberry. we were gone all day running around in the woods and at the beach. i feel so sorry for kids today. they get no free time - everything is scheduled. and oh man - i really hate soccer and soccer moms!

  12. Lamb, what Kymber said...good for you. And, thank you for the comments.

    Kymber, isn't it true and strange. Killing on a video game is fine, while playing with a pretend gun is awful. Oh well, weird people those liberals.