Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good Friends, New Blog

I'd like to introduce my friends Jambaloney & Kymber. They spell their names without capital letters, but I'm strange and insist on writing their names my way. Anyhow, run over and say 'howdy' to my friends. They're nice people. Please. (See Mudbug, I always say please.)

They've bugged out to a small island off the Eastern Coast of Canada, a breezy wet and cool area, on the banks of a river where I understand the fishing is great. If we're lucky Kymber will post again this week.

Tell them Stephen said hello, please.



  1. Stephen, yup I agree. Super great people. I started following them earlier this week. I could only imagine their little island. Holy crap would I love to be able to live on an island in a cool place like that.

  2. MDR, yes they are, got to get 'em to post more often.

  3. know i get mushy! i can't believe you put up this post!

    however, it was because of you and your blog that we started one. oh and then all of the people who comment on your blog like MDR, Arsenius, Mudbug, Max, PP, Lamb and a whole pile of others that we met THROUGH your blog - oh man - i am getting mushy!

    thanks to all of you for sharing and helping and teaching - we finally feel that we are home - both physically and mentally - and emotionally through finding all of these great like-minded people through all of your blogrolls!

    i have had the honour of meeting fantastic people throughout my life - but i have never found such a great group of people as i have found here.

    thank you Stephen. and thank you to all of your regular commentors. it is so nice to finally be home.

    btw - we are crazy and share our exact address with anyone who wants it. just email me at and everyone is welcome here. it is a lovely place to bug out and/or start a community - and that is our true dream! and everyone is welcome to visit - jambaloney will have you out fishing from 6am to 6pm. and i promise to have a picnic lunch packed for you and a delicious supper waiting for you when you get home. hopefully it will be fresh-caught fish!

    Stephen - thank you so much, buddy. just thank you, buddy!

    and MDR - we think that you are super great people too. thanks for following. and you are always welcome!

    Stephen, you are just something else. you would so fit in with the locals here. they would freakin love you!

    your very sincere friends,
    kymber and jambaloney!
    (and no - we don't use caps!)

  4. kymber, you are more than welcome. Picture me blushing....

  5. Stephen:

    I am honoured (canadian spelling)that you would write such a post about us!

    it is true that because of your blog we took the plunge and opened ourselves up to share our lives online.

    THAT is inspiration at it's best - thank you!

    mdr - your sentiments are greatly appreciated - love your blog too!

  6. kimber and jambaloney, thank yall for the kind words. be careful on the invite though, you never know we might just load up and get a one way ticket up there because it sounds like paradise. i dont know if i could learn to talk the way yall do though.
    it is good to meet yall.

    sorry about the no capitals stephen.

  7. Momma would be proud.

    kymber and jambaloney are a good read, and it's nice to see that our survival family is so close knit.

    I owe y'all some posts, otherwise I devolve into some sort of PETA moonbat.

    Thanks for doing such a great job keeping us informed and entertained.

  8. MDR, true and no problem on the capital letters. Habit of mine, thanks.

    Mudbug, yes they are...and your are more than welcome...thank you.