Saturday, September 3, 2011

Food Stores

I have a bad habit when in my local grocery of grabbing extra rice for my food stores. I'll sometimes buy a ten or twenty pound bag. When home I stash it away and forget about it. Not a good habit.

A few days I ago, while searching for some item or the other, I bent to look in a cabinet we seldom if ever use and imagine my surprise when I found over a hundred pounds of rice stuffed inside. Out came the maylar bags and five gallon buckets with lids, and my smooth and well worn 2x4. After stealing my Sweet Wife's new iron I sealed 125 pounds of pure starch.

This rice should last least thirty plus years. I will not bore you with the step by step details, after all, you have the web, and YouTube is packed with videos on this subject. If you need me to explain why you should be stocking your home to the rafters with food, you're reading the wrong blog. Wake up.

Above, two pictures of the process. It's easy, try it.

When you have your food preps in order perhaps it would be a good idea to learn how to cook it when that 'day' arrives.

Have a great weekend.



  1. If you need me to explain why you should be stocking your home to the rafters with food, you're reading the wrong blog. Wake up.

    We have some friends who think we must really like SPAM.

  2. Odysseus, I partial to those small canned hams. I too receive some strange looks. It's okay, we're on the cutting edge.

  3. Kenlowder, me too. Thanks for your comment and welcome.

  4. Picked up 2 more DAK hams today. Awaiting my red feather butter now.

  5. jeesh - i grew up in the poorest province in Canada and loved my spam and pickle sandwiches for lunch (home-made and canned pickles i might add!). as for rice - considering OPSEC and all i would NEVER, EVER advertise that we have almost 100lbs of beautiful, nutty basmati properly contained nor would i ever mention the over 100lbs of Korean sticky rice that are also properly contained. oh yeah - i could live off of those reserves alone for a hundred years or more!

    Stephen - good on you. i thought that i already thought the world of you but somehow you have just stepped up even more rungs than my ladder holds or are something else mister!!!

    so glad to be here and know you!!! what else you got hiding up your sleeves that we need to learn about...

    your friend,

  6. Wait... are we supposed to store food? Why? Is something bad supposed to happen? Obama swears he's fixing the problem next week, so no worries here. My local ACORN office says that I should only have 12 hours of food in the house, and it should be steaks bought with food stamps. Rice? Crazy, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, Tea-bagging, Grizzly Adams in the middle of nowhere crazy. And with their evil guns that shoot babies and minorities. They should all be round up and shipped off to Wyoming and Idaho.

    And I am running out of room for rice. But man, I love storing that stuff.

  7. Mudbug, that was a great post, awesome!!!!!!