Friday, July 15, 2011

Shop Talk

This morning while I work two men sit and wait. One is reading Shotgun News, the other Field & Stream.

The Elmer Fudd (a hunter) with the Field & Stream looks over at the man reading the Shotgun News, then, with a smirk on his face, "Why would anyone need to own an AK-47?"

I smile and wait. Neil Boorkz is on the radio making small talk about the 'Ruler in Chief.'

The Shotgun News reader eases the magazine down onto his lap and replied, "Why would you need to own," and points towards a picture of a hunting rifle in the Fudd's magazine, "that rifle?"

"Well, so I can deer hunt."

I glance outside and chuckle. Fudd has an appearance of  said deer caught in a car's headlights.

"Then," said the Shooter, "Why would you object to my right to own a weapon which helps me hunt democritters?" Like that.




  1. Heh. I am sure BIL has a few "unnecessary" guns. But then the question is unnecessary to whom?

  2. looks like Fudd suffered from "Foot in Mouth" syndrome..

  3. Now, how do I ask a gun shop for a gun to shoot dimmocritters? I don’t know enough about those weapons. I have my scatter gun (12 guage), my rabbit gun (.22) and my coyote gun (.235). I just feel like I’ve tattooed “tin foil hat survivalist” on my forehead when I go into a gun shop and ask for something to defend my house from the Golden Horde. If you could point to advice regarding assult rifles that I could get to help defend the homestead, I would be grateful.

  4. Lila, valid point. If the Fudd could only see the value of the true stance of the 2nd Amendment, it protects ALL 'gun' owners, he might wake up. Any legislation that takes the rights away from owners of the so called 'assault rifle' crowd will, in the end, come back to bite him in the ass too. BTW, true assault rifles are those used by our military with select fire capability. The rifles 'we' own are semi-automatic, just like the Fudd's use when they shoot Bambi.

    Jacked Up Glock Mom, yes he did. Thank you for dropping in and please come back...

    Now to Mudbug - my friend, walk into any good gun/sporting goods store and tell them you'd like to 'look at' - 'feel' or handle one of the following. An AR-15, this is the civilian equivalent to the current military version of the M-16 without rapid fire selection. Or, the old and very reliable AK-47. It's rugged and will function when needed and the ammunition is still available in mass and is still cheap. Other rifles I could mention are just far to expensive unless you have deep pockets. I personally own many fine 'assault' rifles, but I'd pick the two above in a heartbeat. My M1A Springfield sells upwards to $1,400.00 without tax isn't necessary for survival, the AR or AK will serve you well. And, don't forget surplus rifles of WW2. Cheap, hard working weapons with tons of surplus ammo. Hope this helps. Hey, don't be afraid to ask those gun store owners questions. At least you are waking to the problems of this world and I applaud your willingness to defend you and yours.

  5. Oh, a couple more points...busy here...anyhow. Democritter isn't the name the fellow used. I had to clean up his speech. Democritter is slang for Democrat/criminal.

    Second point - there is no such thing as too much ammunition, period. If you are used to making purchases of boxes of 25 or 50, you are wasting funds. I purchase my ammo in lots of 1,000 or more. Then again, I shoot hundreds of rounds at a time. I shoot....until my hands are black from gunpowder. Practice makes perfect.

  6. It amazes me, given the times we live in, that someone would ask that question. Makes you wonder what planet he's from. I would imagine he just doesn't read the news.

  7. In the last 28 years I've heard this comment, in one form or another, at least three times. All from hunters. One man told me he left a gun shop when he overheard another man ask to hold an AK and the salesman gave it to him. Said, "It scared me." Go figure.

  8. Stephen,

    The "It scared me" comment is true. I never owned a gun until I moved to the sticks after finishing college at age 33 (late bloomer). A .22 is ok, but when my stepdad gave me his S&W .45 service revolver for "home protection", it scared the daylights out of me. It stays loaded, and in a safe place (no kids in the house), but I have had to pull it out once. I don't think that the gun itself scared me, it's that I would have to use it to defend me and mine.

    I think holding an AK for the first time might scare me too, but not because of the gun, but the thought that I may have to defend myself and mine with it.

  9. Perhaps, Mudbug, it would be best if you had some professional training before you venture out to purchase a rifle. You need to be at peace with yourself with the realization it's possible you might be called upon to defend your life or that of someone you love,and the end result could be death.