Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's The Little Things

I'm standing outside my son and DIL's home waiting for Little Bit. It's a Friday afternoon and she has been granted permission to spend the night with her Papa and Nana. I hate waiting, but it's worth it.

Finally, she runs outside and jumps into my arms, our little ritual. It makes my heart swell with my love of her.

Then her mom steps outside and yells, "Little Bit, you've forgotten your nightlight. Don't you want it?"

She turns in my arms, "No mom, I've got Papa."

It feels good to be someone's nightlight...


  1. So sweet! Glad she has you!

  2. Everyone tells me there is a big difference with how you acted towards your kids while they were growing up and with your grand kids. I do not have any little ones running around yet and hope not for a few more years. When I do have the privilege to be a Grandpa, would there be a difference? Do you see any in the way you treated or acted?

  3. Night lights? Even sailors LOVE night lights - they are also named lighthouses.

    You may already know that lighthouses emit a sequence of light flashes. The flashes differ from lighthouse to lighthouse and allow sailors to determine what lighthouse they are viewing, even from quite a distance.

    Some years and years ago there was a lighthouse that the flash pattern was 1 followed by 4 quick flashes followed by 3 quick flashes. I could go into how the flashes were created but the discussion would probably cause boredom in many (the discussion having to do with Fresnel lenses...)

    Anyway, the pattern of 1-4-3 quickly became a staple of the sailors returning home to their wives. Why? Well the pattern reflected the feeling of the sailors as they returned home...

    I (1)
    LOVE (4)
    YOU (3)

    My wife and daughters use this as a closing in our emails to each other: 143!

  4. Thank you, Lila. I'm just happy I have her.

    MDR, the quick answer to your question is yes. But you've given me a most difficult question and one which I believe deserves a longer reply. Standby.

    Anon, thank you for the history on lighthouses.

  5. I read this last night and it brought tears to my eyes....someone who understands what Grandparenting is about. Yes there is a difference between our children and grandchildren...We love our children with our whole heart, and then they bless us with the grands. Love takes on a whole new meaning. A whole new depth. This time we are not doing the disciplining, the day to day maintenance, balancing several different worlds. This time around we are able to see and spend time in the beauty, the life, the love of a child. Yeah, I love my children with all my heart, but my granddaughter is my life. She keeps me young, playful, and happy. By the way, as a newbie to your blog, I love it. Thanks especially for the posts on Lil Bit. They really touch the heart.

  6. ok wait now Stephen - you are telling us that you have been told that you are loved more than spongebob AND you are an awesome nightlight?!?!?! methinks someone might be getting a big head, no?

    hahahahaha! just teasing and you know how much these posts warm my heart - i am sooo happy for you!!! but to be completely honest, i am happier for Little Bit - i am so glad that there are still some children out there being raised with the beautiful love of a fantastic granddad! and grandma!!!

    and i agree with thanking anon for the history of the lighthouses and what a special way to end your emails anon - thank you for sharing that!

    and because i am a rambler and can never leave a short comment - i have to say that Beth - it brought tears to my eyes too. you sound like you are a wonderful grandmother who understands what it's all about.

    thanks Stephen - for making your blog so interesting, informative and different.

    your friend,

  7. Beth, thank you very much. Such an eloquent post. As I've said before it's difficult to express the depths of our love for grandchildren. You did it with elegance.
    And, your are welcome.

    Stassja, you make my day. 'Nuff said.